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Main Conference: Friday, March 11, 2016

A1i. The Impact of Maternal Weight and Gestational weight Gain on Birth Weight
Núria Chapinal

A1ii. The 5 A’s of Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain: A New Tool and Training for BC Primary Care Providers
Adam King, Christina Kay

A1iii. College of Midwives – Quality Assurance Program
Doris Chan

A2ii. Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies: Bridging the Gap in perinatal Care for Women with Spinal Cord Injury
Melanie Basso, Karen Hodge

A2iii. Birth after Caesarean: How Do Women make Decisions about Mode of Delivery
Sarah Munro

A4i. The BC Healthy Connections Project: A Scientific Evaluation of Nurse-Family Partnership in British Columbia
Donna Jepsen, Nicole Catherine, Pamela Parkinson

B1i. Two Practice Concerns in BC: Safe Infant Sleep Recommendations and Policies Supporting Breastfeeding Exclusion and Duration. Improving Health while Reducing Costs
Part 1
Part 2
Rhoda Taylor, Tina Revai

B1ii. Physicians’ Breastfeeding Toolkit: A New Collaborative Resource Developed in Newfoundland and Labrador
Amanda Pendergast

B2i. Gestational Diabetes in South Asian and Chinese Women in BC & Alberta
Brooke Kinniburgh, Lily Lee

B2iii. CPT1a: Health and Wellness for First Nation Babies Who May Have this Genetic Variant
Lucy Barney, Nataliya Skuridina, Barbara Webster

B3iii. Apple Tree Maternity: A Qualitative Exploration of Rural Collaborative Interprofessional Maternity Care
Tanya Momtazian, Emma Butt, Jeanette Boyd

B4i. Seamless Perinatal Transition Team – The Move to Implementation
Michelle Urbina-Beggs, Ruby Gidda

B4ii. Beyond Birth Classes: A New Model for Perinatal Education
Nicole Brouwer, Debby Corscadden

B4iii. Postpartum Care in the Community: Universal and Enhanced Services
Joanne Woolridge, Rachel Douthwaite

What Makes Good Healthcare: A Mother’s Perspective

Tamara Taggart

Main Conference: Saturday, March 12, 2016

Normalizing Birth from Policy, Practice and Lived Experience

Michelle Butler, Sarah Fawzy, Sheryl Alger, Susan Lin, Sara Sandwith


C1i. Supporting Both Breast Feeding and the Baby at Risk for Hypoglycemia
Debra O’Flaherty

C1iii. Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection: A New Era of Diagnosis and Treatment in BC
Soren Gantt, Melanie Basso

C2i. A Historical and Medical Critique of Circumcision/Intact Babies: Avoiding Clinical Errors
Christopher Guest, Kira Antinuk

C2iii. New Priorities and Advances in Well-Baby/Well-Child Care for Children 1 week to 5 years of age from the 2014 Rourke Baby Record
Leslie Rourke

D1i. Screening for Postpartum Anxiety: Is the EPDS Enough?
Nichole Fairbrother

D1iii. Immigrant Women’s Experience of Postpartum Depression in Canada: A Narrative Synthesis Systematic Review
Gina Higginbottom, Joyce O’Mahony

D2i. Changing Provincial Regulations – the Newborn Eye Prophylaxis Story
Janet Walker

D2ii. Prevention of Congenital Syphilis in the Context of Rising Syphilis Diagnoses in BC
Jason Wong, Troy Grennan

D2iii. Perinatal Hepatitis B Screening and Infection in British Columbia
Brooke Kinniburgh, Jason Wong

D4i. Babies Born Behind Bars
Alison J Granger-Brown, Ruth Martin

D4iii. Harm Reduction and Pregnancy: Best and Promising Practices for Supporting Pregnant Women and New Mothers Who Use Substances
Lenora Marcellus

The Biology of Loss: Recognizing the Consequences of Impaired Attachments and
Fostering Resilience

Dr.Gabor Maté