Teen & Adult Stream

There will be a teen and adult stream (Thursday – Saturday).

The Teen and Adult Stream program is now available HERE

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See below for some general information.

Provide a safe place to meet others with FASD and experience what it is like to be heard, included, understood and accepted by peers who face similar challenges and issues on a day-to-day basis.


  1.  Develop positive connections to others with FASD that can continue after the conference and meet and interact with roles models and mentors with FASD
  2.  Develop and share a positive and accurate understanding about FASD in an interactive format led by adults with FASD


DESCRIPTION of the ADULT STREAM (Information for Parents):
The teen and adult program, which contains both educational and social activities, runs over 3 days and is planned, organized and run by the Adult Leadership Committee of FASD Change Makers. It takes place in its own rooms; separate from the main conference but in the same hotel. It is open ONLY to teens and adults who have FASD or believe they do. It is NOT open to other family members. This is meant to be a safe place for teens and adults to learn about FASD from those who have become mentors and leaders and who have overcome many difficulties but who still struggle daily with different things – those who really understand and know the struggles those attending with FASD are experiencing. It is place where they can meet others like themselves, talk about things, ask questions, learn a thing or two, and experience belonging. This conference is very well known for its topic-specific mini-keynotes delivered by teens and adults before every main conference plenary session and its closing ceremonies which allow all participants who wish to do so to participate. These mini-keynotes and closing ceremonies are planned, developed, organized and run by the Adult Leadership Committee of FASD Change Makers with the help of other adults with FASD.

The teen and adult program, as well as the rest of the main conference, is free for individuals with FASD. They are also welcome to attend any session the wish during the main conference and may leave those sessions at any time they wish to do so. They are also welcome to sit where they want in the main conference, but there will be some reserved tables for them at the back of the main ballroom room during plenary sessions of the main conference.