Conference Presentations

Please find below the PDFs and video recordings from the conference presentations. These materials are posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We will continue adding presentations, so please check back for updates.

Pre-Conference: Thursday, January 28, 2016

FD2. Developmental Outcomes of Preterm Infants: How Does Exposure to Languages Other Than English Affect Young Children Born Preterm?
Anne Synnes, Jennifer Agnew, Laurie Usher, Julie Petrie, Peggy Chow, Lindsay Colby, Sarah Wright

FD3. Indigenous Perspectives on Providing for Children and Place Based Pedagogy: It Takes a Village
Denise Marie Findlay

PM1. Using Evidence in Early Child Development & Family Support: What’s In Your Toolkit?
Stephanie Glegg, Andrea Ryce

Public Evening Forum

Making BC’s Young Children and Families a Priority: A Call to Action

Speakers: Lynell Anderson, Adrienne Montani

Main Conference: Friday, Jauary 29, 2016

What Early Experiences Really Are Important for Children?

Speaker: Dale C. Farran

PDF Presentation slides HERE


Attachment, Trauma and Clinical Intervention: Moving the Field Forward

Speaker: Neil W. Boris

PDF Presentation slides HERE

A1. Urban Aboriginal Mother Goose
Doreen Macflarlane, Cindy Pete, Lorinda Seto

A5/B5. The Transdisciplinary use of the Circle of Security-Parenting (COS-P) Program to Promote Child Development and Secure Caregiver-Child Attachement
Sonya Vellet, Dianne Tower, Charlie Slaughter, Ami-Jo Dunn, Joanne Brown, Jody Carrington

A7. Helping Children Manage Stress: Tools for Resiliency
Claude Painter, Cindy Andrew

A8. Thinking Like a Village – Using a Systems Approach to Create Impact for Children
Joanne Schroeder, Lynn Joesph, Michelle Guthrie

B4. Nurturing and Supporting Children: Connectivity and Isolation for Families in Rural and Urban Communities in BC
Mari J Pighini, Mary Stewart, Silvia L Vilches

B8. Building a Foundation of Effective Coaching for Improving Quality of Early Childhood Environments
Barb Reid, Veronica Smith

A New Kind of Fitness: Strengthening Social and Emotional Competence and Well-being in Early Childhood

Speaker: Kimberly Schonert-Reichl


Main Conference: Saturday, January 30, 2016

Motivational Interviewing: Compassionate Conversations of Change with Families

Speaker: Cristine Urquhart

C1. Seeds of Hope: Creating Change by Building Connection and Capacity in Community
Deborah Bell, Shaun Phillips

C2. Family Network for Growth and Sustainability – Family Support Institute of BC’s Peer Mentor Program
Angela Clancy

C5. Managing Depression: A Self-help Resource and Facilitators Guide for Working with Women Living with Depression During Pregnancy, After Delivery and Beyond
Jo-Ann Robertson

C9. The Effects of Parental Experiences of Trauma on Attachment and Early Childhood Mental Health: Applying Trauma-Informed Practice and Providing Wraparound Services
Erika Ono

C10. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Promoting Optimal Feeding Development
Dianne Tower, Ani-Jo Dunn

C11. The Importance of Social Support for Parents of Children in Kindergarten
Michaelyn Hoven

D1. ‘It’s Relational’: A Critical Reframing of How and Early Intervention Program Promotes Indigenous Families’ Well-being and Fosters Children’s Health Equity in BC
Alison J Gerlach

D2. Facilitating Change One Family at a Time, With Multimedia
Estelle Paget, Padmapriya Kandhadai, Carolyn Steinberg

D6. Access: Supports and Participation (ASaP) Continuum Project: An Innovative Project to Promote Social and Emotional Competence in the Early Years
Marilyn Armstrong, Gina Blank

D7. Therapeutic Interventions for Adoptive Families: Understanding the Role of a Modified Version of Watch, Wait and Wonder in Strengthening Parent Child Connection
Andrea L Chatwin

D9. Engaging Learners with Online Multimedia Tools
Mia Elfenbaum, Patricia Gregory, Tamara Neufeld

Reflections on Nurturing Children During their Early Years

Speaker: Tamara Taggart