Panelists and Survey Authors

  • CJ Lutke: Changemaker, Speaker, Mentor, Blogger, Advisor/Consultant to Research Projects, Media
  • Myles Himmelreich: Changemaker, FASD Consultant, Speaker, Mentor
  • Katrina Griffin: Changemaker, Speaker, Mentor, Advisor/Consultant to Research Projects
  • Anique Lutke: Changemaker, Speaker, Facebook Moderator, Advisor/Consultant to Research Projects
  • Justin Mitchell: Changemaker, Speaker, Advisor to Research Projects


Peter W. Choate

PhD, RCSW, Professor, Social Work, Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB

Peter Choate holds a PhD in Addictions and a PhD in Child Protection and a Master of Social Work. He is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Mount Royal University. His research interests include child protection practice with a particular emphasis on child and adolescent mental health, including FASD as well as maltreatment, neglect and abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and these issues within family systems.


Additional Q&A Panelists

Christine A. Loock

MD, FRCPC, DABP, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia; Developmental and Social Pediatrician, BC Children’s Hospital



Alan Markwart

BA, MA, Acting Deputy Representative, Representative for Children and Youth; Adjunct Professor,
School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University