Conference Presentations

Below you will find PDFs and video recordings from the Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies Conference 2020.

These materials are only posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We will continue adding presentations, so please check back for updates.

Pre Conference: Thursday February 20, 2020

PM1: Strengthening Kangaroo Care for Preterm Infants in BC: Workshop
Presenters: Nathalie Charpak, Ylva Thernström Blomqvist, Horacio Osiovich, Lori Brotto, Julie De Salaberry, Ann Pederson, Sarah Coutts

Main Conference: Friday February 21, 2020

Concurrent Session A

A2i: Decision-Making Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities Among Health Care Professionals Supporting Infant Feeding Choices: A Qualitative Investigation Involving Expert Interviews
Presenters: Sarah Munro, Lea Geiger

A3i: SmartMom: Teaching Hard-To-Reach Populations by Texting
Presenter: Patricia Janssen

A3ii: Employing E-Health to Achieve Postpartum Mental Wellness: A Qualitative NeedsAssessment of Women in BC
Presenter: Madison Lackie

A3iii: Remote Patient Monitoring in the BC Women’s Diabetes in Pregnancy Service, a Virtual Health Demonstration Project
Presenters: Ying Jiang, Jay Rai, Anita Wetzer

A4i: From Process to Product: Partnering With Patients and Providers to Develop Health Information Resources at BC Women’s Hospital
Presenters: Lana Sullivan, AJ Murray

A4ii: Developing Resources to Advance Collaborative Action on FASD Prevention in Indigenous Communities
Presenters: Lindsay Wolfson, Denise Lacerte

A4iv: Give Me Sleep! Addressing Parents’ Sleep as a Component of Postpartum Mood Disturbances
Presenters: Christine Ou, Sheila Duffy

A4v: Improving Services for Pregnant and Parenting Women Who Use Opioids: Reducing Stigma and Encouraging Cross-System Collaboration
Presenters: Rose Schmidt, Nancy Poole

A5ii: Newborn Screening: Time Is of the Essence
Presenter: Hilary Vallance

A5iii: Vaccinating Pregnant Women: Knowledge, Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices of Women’s Healthcare Providers
Presenter: Courtney Green

A5iv: Are Primary Healthcare Providers in BC Able to Recommend and Provide Pertussis Vaccine in Every Pregnancy?
Presenter: Hana Mijovic

Concurrent Session B

B1i: Perinatal Anxiety Disorder Screening: Literature Update and Future Directions
Presenter: Nichole Fairbrother

B1iv: Anxiety and Depression: Voices that Support Expectant and New Parents
Presenters: Estelle Paget, Andrew Macnab, Joanna Cheek, Eva Bild

B3i: The New Perinatal Data Registry and How It Can Improve Patient Care
Presenter: Kenny Der

B2: Breastfeeding Panel: Transformative Change Through the Baby-Friendly Initiative: Insights & Innovation
 Presenters: Krista Baerg, Evening Star Casimir, Lea Geiger, Frances Jones, Meggie Ross, Vanessa Salmons, Julie Smith-Fehr

B3ii: Clinical Systems and Transformations (CST) and the Flow of Information
Presenters: Ellen Giesbrecht Melanie Nomm

B3iii: Virtual Health in PHSA
Presenters: Michelle Fryer, Emily Hamilton

B4ii: The Signature of Early-life Stress on the Vulnerable Developing Brain
Presenter: Manon Ranger

B4iii: Implementation of Newborns Individualized Developmental Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units – The Perspective of Health Care Providers
Presenter: Jila Mirlashari

B5i: Strengthening Culturally Safe and Humble Perinatal Care in BC: A Focus on Work Environments and Individual Reflection and Practice
Presenter: Kayla Serrato

B5ii: Before the First Breath: Overview of the First Nations Health Authority’s (FNHA) Vaping, Cannabis and Tobacco Initiatives
Presenters: Tiffany Chu, Larissa Coser

B5iii: Principles for Caring for Indigenous Women and Families During the Perinatal Period
Presenter: Lucy Barney

Kangaroo Mother Care: The Cornerstone of Nurturing Care for Premature and Low Birth Infants – Experiences from Two Different Environments

Presenters: Nathalie Charpak, Ylva Thernström Blomqvist

Environmental Plenary Panel: Why Climate Change is a Perinatal Issue

Presenters: Warren Bell, Debra Sparrow, Linda Dix Cooper

Main Conference: Saturday February 22, 2020

Midwives Made Me Do It – How Midwives Both Messed Up and Greatly Improved My Life

Presenter: Michael C. Klein (PDF)

Knowledge Translation: Sustainability in Maternal Newborn Care

Presenter: Erna Snelgrove-Clarke

Concurrent Session C

C2i: Public Engagement Sets the Foundation for Developing a Perinatal Mental Health Framework
Presenter: Anne Drover

C2ii: Baby Beginnings: Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a High-Risk Prenatal Home Care Program
Presenter: Julie Smith-Fehr

C2iv: The Effects of In Utero and Neonatal Wildfire Smoke Exposure on Birth Outcomes and Health in Early Life — A Proposed Study
Presenter: Jiayun Angela Yao

C3i: Syphilis in Pregnancy and Congenital Syphilis – What Does the Landscape Look like Post Implementation?
Presenters: Ellen Giesbrecht, Troy Grennan, Jason Wong, Karen Mooder

C3iii: Interpregnancy Interval After a Perinatal Loss and Subsequent Adverse Outcomes
Presenter: Lauren Schummers

C3iv: Time Trends, Regional Variation and Risk Factors for Gastroschisis in Canada, 2006 to 2017
Presenter: Shilang Liu

C3v: Alcohol Use During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding Among Women in the General Population of Ontario, Canada: Results from the 2018 CAMH Monitor Survey
Presenter: Daniela Dozet

C4iii: Walking The Perinatal Journey Together With First Nation Families of BC
Presenters: Barbara Webster, Lucy Barney

C5iii: Pre and Post Partum Pelvic Health
Presenter: Tamarah Nerreter

Concurrent Session D

D1ii: An Alternative Approach to Maternity Care for Rural Indigenous Children and Families
Presenters: Marijke de Zwager, Arlene Clair, Hanna Scrivens, Jessica Dempsey, Stevie Niebergal

D2i: Strengthening Kangaroo Care in BC
Presenter: Sarah Coutts

D2iii: The Eating, Sleeping, Consoling (ESC) Approach for Women and Their Infants Exposed to Opioids: Determining Knowledge Translation Gaps and Priorities
Presenters: Sarah Kauffman, Sarah Rourke

D2iv: NowICU – Connecting Sick Mothers in L&D with Their Sick Babies in NICU
Presenters: Mehaboob Shaik, Rhea Shank

D3ii: Risk Factors and Adverse Birth Outcomes Associated with HELLP Syndrome in Canada
Presenter: Sarka Lisonkova

D3iii: Barriers to Engagement Are a Threat to Safe Quality Care
Presenter: Jim Ruiter

D4ii: Assisting Women with Obesity to Have Their Best Perinatal Outcomes-Integrating New Evidence
Presenter: Cecilia Jewett

D4iii: Reporting from Out East: The Perinatal Health Care Experiences of Women with Physical, Sensory, and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in Ontario
Presenter: Lesley Tarasoff

D5i: Multi-Service Programs for Pregnant and Parenting Women with Substance Use Concerns: Women’s Perspectives on Why They Seek Help and Their Significant Changes
Presenters: Deborah Rutman, Carol Hubberstey, Marilyn Van Bibber