Information for Speakers

Welcome to our selected speakers for the upcoming 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 2017!

We want to help you out with important deadlines and information to make your speaking experience as seamless as possible.  Important upcoming deadlines on this page as well as forms you will need to fill out and return, will be posted here for easy access.   Please see the ‘Before,’ ‘During‘ and ‘After‘ menus below to find the forms that you will need to send to our conference Program Assistant (PA), Kathryn Booth (





Important Deadlines:

The Early Bird Registration – All speakers MUST register online to attend the conference

January 20, 2017

Submit Audiovisual Form (one form per presentation) for any materials needed in addition to those provided

January 20, 2017

Submit Syllabus materials as outline in Syllabus Submission form

January 20, 2017

Submit updated Biography form

January 20, 2017

Submit Conflict of Interest form

January 20, 2017