Onsite Meetings

There will be meetings running in conjunction with the conference. If you or your organization wishes to host/organize a meeting during the conference, please contact Kristina at kristina.ipce@ubc.ca. Include the following information: meeting name, open or by invitation, anticipated number of participants, objective, a short description of the meeting, and the preferred time (note: meetings will have to be in the early morning, during lunch or in the evening as they cannot conflict with the educational part of the conference). Each meeting request will be reviewed by the planning committee and if approved, will be listed on-site. Please note that there may be an additional cost to host a meeting.

Listing of Onsite Meetings:

FASD and The Justice System – Transforming Practices

Organized by: Dr. Michelle Stewart, Kathryn Kelly, and Frances Gordon

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To register contact: Kay Kelly – faslaw@uw.edu, or Michelle Stewart – Michelle.Stewart@uregina.ca

Community of Practice for Clinicians: Canadian FASD Assessment and Diagnostic Clinics

Hosted by Lakeland Centre for FASD and CanFASD Research Network

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