Conference Presentations

Below, you will find PDFs and video recordings from the FASD Conference 2019.

These materials are only posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We will continue adding presentations, so please check back for updates.

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Welcome Remarks: Real People, Real Lives, Real Future

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee


The World FASD Lives In (Geoffrey Robinson Memorial Lecture)

Moira Plant

Topic 2 – Prevention

Sylvia Roozen

Topic 3 – Diagnosis

Jan Lutke, Elizabeth Elliott, Christine Loock, Michael Charness, Edward Riley, Larry Burd

Topic 4 – Intervention

Rajesh C. Miranda, Edward Riley, Dan Dubovsky

Closing Remarks

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee


Main Conference: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Opening Remarks

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee

Country Highlight – Norway

Presented by: Jon Skranes


Intrauterine Microbes: Missing or the Missing Link?

Introduction by: Joanne Weinberg | Plenary: Tamar Gur


Alterations in the Gut Microbiota Following PAE: Early Evidence from an Animal Model

Plenary: Tamara Bodnar


A1. Oral Paper Session

A1a – Comparisons of the BRIEF Parental Report and Neuropsychological Clinical…
Alexandra Carlisle

A1b – Changes in the Corpus Callosum in Newborn Infants with PAE
Neil Aiton

A1c – Alterations in Brain Structural Connectome of Children and Youth with PAE
Xiangyu Long

A1d – Understanding and Assessing Affect Regulation Problems in FASD
Valerie Temple, Shirley McMillan, Josee Casati

A2. Oral Paper Session

A2a – Success through Advocacy and Role Modeling (STAR): A Community-Based…
Grace Kyoon-achan, Irene Spence, Jean Johnson

A2b – Systematic Review of Prevention Interventions to Reduce PAE and FASD…
Martyn Symons

A2c – Multipronged Strategy Needed: FASD Awareness, Prevention and Support…
Annika Montag, Rhonda Romero, Toni Jensen

A2d – Prevalence of FASD in an American Indian Reservation-Based Sample
Annika Montag

A3. Oral Paper Session

A3b – Influences on Drinking Choices by Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Pregnant…
Evi Muggli

A3d – Health Workers’ Practices of Maternal Health Care and Awareness of FASD…
Maria H. Zulueta, Olga A. Tulabut

A4. Oral Paper Session

A4a – Primary Cilia Dysfunction as a Novel Pathogenic Mechanism of Birth Defects…
Karen Boschen

A4d – Fetal Alcohol Exposures Promote the Development of Aggressive Tumors…
Dipak K. Sarkar


Still Fighting for a Future: Where We Were and Where We Are Now…
Kelly Harding, Dorothy Reid, Shana Mohr, Jan Lutke, Marsha Wilson


Addressing FASD in Remote and Urban Indigenous Communities…
Elizabeth Elliott, Christine Loock


B1. Oral Paper Session

B1a – The Influence of Moderate Prenatal Ethanol Exposure on The Central…
Siara Rouzer (Young Investigator)

B2. Oral Paper Session

B2a – Mitigating the Stress Response in Children Affected by PAE from a…
Bethany Zelent, Paul Jerry (Young Investigator)

B2b – Mutual Support – Moral Support: A Mini-Break for Families Raising …
Alison Frieling, Gisela Michalowski

B2d – Understanding the Needs of Families Rasing Individuals with FASD
Malgosia Tomanik

B4. Oral Paper Session

B4a – FASD Prevention – What to Change in the First Place?
Sylvia Roozen

B4b – Reducing Stigma Towards Birth Mothers in Healthcare Providers…
Kathleen T. Mitchell

B5. 2 – Oral Papers & 60 Minute Session

B5a – Challenges and Resiliency in Aboriginal Adults with FASD
Melanie Samaroden, Paul Jerry (Young Investigator)

B6. 2 – 45 Minute Sessions

B6b – Affect Regulation (AR) in PAE and FASD
Valerie Temple, Hasu Rajani, Mansfield Mela


Improving Efficacy while Decreasing Costs of Diagnosis for Virtual FASD…
Louise Scott, Liv Elliot


Mental Health and Brain Abnormalities in Children with PAE and…
Catherine Lebel, Carly McMorris, Ben Gibbard, Chris Tortorelli


B9a – Contrasts in FASD and ASD: A Clinical Perspective from BC’s Provincial…
Armansa Glodjo, Jamie Hack, Kelly Price


Country Highlight – Philippines

Presented by: Olga A. Tulabut

Cannabinoids Exacerbate Alcohol-induced Birth Defects in Rodents and Zebrafish

Plenary: Scott Parnell

Embryonic Exposure to Cannabinoids and Alcohol Alters Early Development in Zebrafish and May Have Long-term Consequences in Adults

Plenary: Declan Ali

Discussion – Cannabinoids, Alcohol, and Pregnancy: How Should Current Knowledge Change Policy, Practice, and Behavior?

Discussion led by: Michael Charness

Registry Updates: Advancing Research through Participation

Plenary: Tatiana Foroud, Claire D. Coles

Main Conference: Friday, March 8, 2019

Plenary #1 – CIFASD Symposium

The Collaborative Initiative on FASD

Edward Riley

Genetic and Bioinformatic Approaches to Understanding Alcohol Teratogenesis

Johann Eberhart

Diving into Social Deficits with a Zebrafish Model

Yohann Fernandes

Genetic Modifiers of Susceptibility to PAE in Mice

Scott Parnell

The Genetics of FASD: Accelerating Research Advances

Tatiana Foroud

Maternal Circulating MicroRNAs Control The Placental Response To PAE

Rajesh C. Miranda

Immune Dysregulation in FASD: Programming of Health and Neurobehavioral Outcomes

Joanne Weinberg

The Role of Trajectories in Clinical Prediction of Future FASD Outcomes

Christina Chambers

3D Facial Analysis for the Objective Identification of FASD Associated Facial Dysmorphology

Michael Suttie

Families Moving Forward – Connect: Developing a Mobile Health Intervention for Families Raising Children with FASD

Christie Petrenko


Plenary #2 – Global Action on FASD Prevention Research, Policy and Practice

FASD Prevention Internationally – Overview of Advancements and Plans
Sylvia Roozen

Level 1 – Overview of Approaches to Increasing Awareness, Health Promotion & Implementation of Supportive Alcohol Policy
Nancy Poole

Level 2 – Preconception Prevention Approaches – Project Choices Model, USA
Karen Ingersoll

Level 2 – Approach to Increasing Capacity by Midwives for Brief Alcohol Interventions
Lisa Schölin

Level 3 & 4 – Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Model in South Africa
Leana Olivier

All Levels – Prevention Linked to Diagnosis, Support and Research in Australian Communities – Building on the Marulu Strategy
James P. Fitzpatrick


C1. Oral Paper Session

C1b – Physical Health Impacts of FASD: Preliminary Results…
Natasha Reid

C1c – The Oral Health Status of Children with FASD
Keith Da Silva

C2. Oral Paper Session

C2a – Proposal of Using Latent Profile Analysis to Create Pathognomonic FASD…
Louisa Clapper, Paul Jerry (Young Investigator)

C2b – Examining the Internal and External Validity of Neurobehavioral Disorder…
James Sanders

C3. Oral Paper Session

C3b – Social Media Contribution to Public Education – Campaign“Pregnancy…
Jolanta Terlikowska

C3c – The Impact of Stigma on Parents and Children with FASD in the Child…
Peter W. Choate, Dorothy Badry

C3d – The International SAFTHON: Challenging Public Opinion and Influencing…
Joelle Balanche, Denis Lamblin

C4. Oral Paper Session

C4c – Newborn Phosphatidyethanol Screening to Detect Fetal Alcohol Exposure in…
Aileen Baldwin

C5. Oral Paper Session

C5d – The Prevention Conversation: Let’s Talk About Alcohol and Pregnancy…
Hélène Wirzba

C6. 2 – 45 Minute Sessions

C6a – Accuracy of Motor Assessment in the Diagnosis of FASD
Erin Branton, Danielle Johnston


The 5-Digit-FASD-Life-Code-System – A tool Designed for use in Social…
Heike Hoff-Emden

D1. Oral Paper Session

D1a – The Importance of Emotion Recognition and School Functioning in Children…
Andi Crawford

D2. Oral Paper Session

D2b – Identifying Facial Features Associated with PAE in Newborn Infants…
Neil Aiton

D2c – Improving Assessments for FASD in Canada; An Approach to Co-Morbid…
Mitesh Patel, Sabrina Agnihotri

D2d – The Benefits of Innovation: A Triage System for FASD Assessment Intake
Marcel Zimmet

D2e – FASD in Motion: Case Surveillance and Diagnosis in Australia…
Marcel Zimmet

D4. Oral Paper Session

D4a – A Qualitative Study Exploring Midwives’ Attitudes and Practices of Advising…
Lisa Schölin



Main Conference: Saturday, March 9, 2019

Country Highlight – Portugal

Maria Xavier

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Sleep

Sarah M. Inkelis


The Golden Tie – Understanding and Supporting Healthy Sleep in FASD

Ana Hanlon Dearman


E1. Oral Paper Session

E1e – Building an FASD System of Care within Michigan’s Community…
Katherine Fitzpatrick

E2. Oral Paper Session

E2a – Identifying Neuropsychological Tools for FASD Assessment in Poland
Magdalena Borkowska

E2c – FASD and Assessment of Ocular Measurements and Features
Diego Gomez

E3. Oral Paper Session

E3a – Polysubstance Use and Its Impact on FASD Diagnosis and Outcomes…
Raja Mukherjee

E3b – Patterns of Prenatal Alcohol Use That Predict Infant Growth and Development
Gretchen Bandoli

E3c – The Impact of Maltreatment on Cognitive and Behavioural Functioning…
Alan Price

E4. 2 – 45 Minute Sessions

E4a – Using Technology in Novel Approaches to Prevent Alcohol Exposed…
Jessica Hanson, Mary Velasquez, Karen Ingersoll

E4b – Co-Creating Evidence: A National Evaluation of Multi-service Programs…
Deborah Rutman, Carol Hubberstey, Marilyn Van Bibber, Nancy Poole


FASD and Child Welfare Issues Across the Lifespan: Research, Policy…
Peter W. Choate, Dorothy Badry


Bringing Together Australian Families’ Experiences of FASD
Marcel Zimmet, Cheryl Dedman, Natasha Reid, Natalie Phillips, Heidi Webster, Tanzi Collinge


Impact of PAE on Immune Function Throughout the Life Course
Tamara Bodnar

Global Highlight – Latin America

Erikson F. Furtado


Criminal Culpability through the Lens of FASD

Karen A. Steele

Closing Ceremonies

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee