Speaker FAQ

What is the difference between a presenter and an author?
You are a presenter if:

  • You will be attending the conference to present your material

You are an author if:

  • You will NOT be attending the conference to present your material
  • You have helped to produce the material that will be presented

Do I need to register for the conference?
Yes, PRESENTERS must register for the conference.

But I am only able to attend my session to present, do I still need to register?
Please email Kathryn at kathryn.ipce@ubc.ca and she will advise you on next steps.

What is the conference syllabus used for? How will it be distributed?
Registrants regularly request materials such as this, so they may focus their attention on the speaker and not be distracted by note taking. Conference participants place high value on te course syllabus. The syllabus will be distributed to the participants in electronic format prior to the conference.

I do not have any conflicts to disclose. Do I still need to fill in this form?
Yes. All presenters must complete this form. If you have no conflicts to disclose, please check the “I do not have an affiliation” checkbox at the top of the page, and the “No” checkbox at the bottom of the page. Please sign, date and return the completed form.