Media Guidelines

News Media Guidelines

Interprofessional Continuing Education conferences are open to representatives of print, broadcast and electronic general interest media and healthcare trade media (collectively known as press). To register as press, journalists must present media identification or a business card issued by a recognized news organization or publication. Freelance journalists must present either a letter of assignment on letterhead from a recognized news organization or publication, a business card establishing themselves as recognized news writers, or proof of membership in American Medical Writers Association–Canadian Chapter, the Canadian Science Writers Association, or equivalent international science or medical writing association.

Who cannot register as media

Publishers of books and magazines and representatives of sales, advertising or marketing departments of publications and broadcast outlets cannot register as media. Industry representatives, in-house and industry newsletters, magazines and members of public relations firms and advertising agencies or representatives of corporate or university and hospital public relations/advertising/marketing departments may not register as media or use the Conference media room.

  • To learn more about the sessions, symposia, workshops and seminars for a particular conference please visit our website at
  • Journalists are encouraged to register in advance by contacting Katia Despot directly at Credentials must be approved by the UBC Interprofessional communications staff. Please note that journalists should not use the general registration form that can be downloaded from the conference web site.
  • Upon arrival at the conference, all journalists (both pre-registered and those registering onsite) should proceed to the conference registration desk to pick up press badges and obtain a syllabus and conference program. These materials will be given to press based on availability.  To ensure that you receive these resources please register two weeks before the conference.
  • To gain access to sessions, journalists must wear press badges when attending the meeting or when covering meeting-sponsored events. All of the educational sessions of the conferences are open to registered press, except sessions with personal material, such as consumer/parent lived experiences.  To respect the privacy of conference delegates the conference organizers retain the right to close any session to the media that they deem to be of a sensitive nature.
  • Conference sessions may not be videotaped or audiotaped. Camera crews who wish to film at the conference in areas other than the designated press room must obtain prior permission from the conference organization staff. Please also note that photos and audio recordings may only be taken for note taking purposes and may not be published without written consent from both the individuals and Interprofessional Continuing Education.

Attendance at ticketed events – those that require pre-registration and/or a fee to attend, such as receptions or meals – is at the discretion of the Director of Interprofessional Continuing Education and the Committee Chair.

Note to speakers

It is generally accepted that presenting research at a medical meeting and subsequent media publication on that presentation does not constitute prior publication and jeopardize the application process to a valid professional journal.  Please see the specific guidelines for the journal that you may wish to be published in before you proceed with presenting on that material.  You can visit the New England Journal of Medicine website for their standards at:

*Please note that Interprofessional Continuing Education reserves the right to deny press passes to applicants without reason, during both on-site and pre-registration.*