The 3rd International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), March 2009

Please find below video recordings from the conference presentations. These materials are posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online.

FASD in the Animal Model: How Basic Science Can Inform Practice and Policy
Joanne Weinberg

An Epidemiologist Looks At The Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Panel: What Do We Do With What We Know?
Nancy L. Day

On Research to Policy & Practice
Panel: What Do We Do With What We Know?
Christine Loock

Incorporating Evidence into Policy: Development of the Canadian Guidelines for FASD Diagnosis
Panel: What Do We Do With What We Know?
Jocelynn L. Cook

Thursday Opening Remarks
Hans-Ludwig Spohr

An International Approach to Research
Research – Collaborative Initiatives on FASD
Edward Riley

Prenatal Diagnosis of FASD: Is It Possible?
Andrew D. Hull

Application of Magnetic Resonance Microscopy to an FASD Model
Kathleen K. Sulik

3D Facial Imaging: Can We Improve Our Ability to Detect Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
Leah Wetherill, Tatiana Foroud

MRI, MRS, and fMRI Study of Children with FASD
Susan Astley

Saturday Opening Remarks
Denis Lamblin

FASD & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Where Does One Begin and Where Does One End?
Kieran D. O’Malley