8th International Conference on FASD 2019

Pre-Conference: March 6, 2019

LET’S TALK: Into the Future: Where Do We Want to Be in 20 Years?

Welcome Remarks: Real People, Real Lives, Real Future

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee

Closing Remarks

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee

Main Conference: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Opening Remarks

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee

Country Highlight – Norway

Presented by: Jon Skranes

Plenary: Intrauterine Microbes: Missing or the Missing Link?

Introduction by: Joanne Weinberg, Presenter: Tamar Gur

Plenary: Alterations in the Gut Microbiota Following PAE: Early Evidence from an Animal Model

Presenter: Tamara Bodnar

Country Highlight – Philippines

Presenter: Olga A. Tulabut

Plenary: Cannabinoids Exacerbate Alcohol-induced Birth Defects in Rodents and Zebrafish

Presenter: Scott Parnell

Plenary: Embryonic Exposure to Cannabinoids and Alcohol Alters Early Development in Zebrafish and May Have Long-term Consequences in Adults

Presenter: Declan Ali

Plenary Panel Discussion – Cannabinoids, Alcohol, and Pregnancy: How Should Current Knowledge Change Policy, Practice, and Behavior?

Discussion led by: Michael Charness

Plenary: Registry Updates: Advancing Research through Participation

Presenters: Tatiana Foroud, Claire D. Coles

Main Conference: Friday, March 8, 2019

Plenary #1: CIFASD Symposium

The Collaborative Initiative on FASD – Introduction

Presenter: Edward Riley

Genetic and Bioinformatic Approaches to Understanding Alcohol Teratogenesis

Presenter: Johann Eberhart

Diving into Social Deficits with a Zebrafish Model

Presenter: Yohann Fernandes

Genetic Modifiers of Susceptibility to PAE in Mice

Presenter: Scott Parnell

The Genetics of FASD: Accelerating Research Advances

Presenter: Tatiana Foroud

Maternal Circulating MicroRNAs Control The Placental Response To PAE

Presenter: Rajesh C. Miranda

Immune Dysregulation in FASD: Programming of Health and Neurobehavioral Outcomes

Presenter: Joanne Weinberg

The Role of Trajectories in Clinical Prediction of Future FASD Outcomes

Presenter: Christina Chambers

3D Facial Analysis for the Objective Identification of FASD Associated Facial Dysmorphology

Presenter: Michael Suttie

Families Moving Forward – Connect: Developing a Mobile Health Intervention for Families Raising Children with FASD

Presenter: Christie Petrenko


Main Conference: Saturday, March 9, 2019

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Sleep

Presenter: Sarah M. Inkelis


The Golden Tie – Understanding and Supporting Healthy Sleep in FASD

Presenter: Ana Hanlon Dearman

Global Highlight – Latin America

Presenter: Erikson F. Furtado


Criminal Culpability through the Lens of FASD

Presenter: Karen A. Steele

Closing Ceremonies

Changemakers – FASD Leadership Committee