34th International Seating Symposium

Main Conference: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Finding Your True Dream, The North Star for Your Life
Glenda Watson Hyatt

What is Patient-Orientated Research?
Bonita Sawatzky

Discovering Uses for “Big Data”: A Descriptive Study Provision of Complex Rehabilitation Technology
Susan Johnson Taylor, Stephen Springle

Main Conference: Thursday 7, 2018

Nothing About Us Without Us: How Can Disability Studies Inform Seating and Mobility Provision?
Heather Feldner, Kayla Brown

Power Mobility Prescription and Training for All
Lisa Kenyon, Emma Smith

Maximizing Interprofessional Learning with Patients
Angela Towle, Cathy Kline, Elise Cantner, Chris Hofley, Hilary Brown

Main Conference: Friday 8, 2018

A Global Perspective on Wheelchair Provision
Rosemary Joan Gowran

Wheelchair Provision and Skills Training – Lessons from Nepal and Uganda
Amira Tawashy