Conference Presentations

Please find below the pdf versions of the conference presentations. These materials are posted with the speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, this means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We may continue to add presentations, so please check back for updates.
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Pre-Conference: LET’S TALK: Evidence, Experience and the Wisdom in the Room
Wednesday April 18, 2018

Topic 1: Research with Animal Models: Inflammation and the Immune System

Moderators: Joanne Weinberg, Bill Dunty
Presenters: Tamara Bodnar, Paul D. Drew, Molly Goodfellow
Paul D. Drew – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Topic 2: Brain Sciences – Imaging and Neuro Psychology

Moderator: Edward Riley
Presenters: Jeff Wozniak, Claire D. Coles, Paul D. Connor
Paul D. Connor – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Topic 3: Addiction in Adults with FASD

Moderator: Moira Plant
Presenters: Dan Dubovsky, Brenda Knight
Dan Dubovsky – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE
Brenda Knight – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Topic 4: Current Thinking and Social Change

Moderator: Dorothy Badry
Presenters: Peter W. Choate, Christine Loock
PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Main Conference: Thursday April 19, 2018

Opening Remarks: the Wisdom of Experience: Change Makers

Myles Himmelreich, CJ Lutke, Katrina Griffin

Change Makers

RJ Formanek

Plenary. Understanding How “Executive Function” IS “Everyday Function” in FASD

Presenter: Sara Jo Nixon
PDF Presentation CLICK HERE

3 Oral Papers

A1a. Fetal Alcohol Exposure Impairs Blood Flow and Stroke Recovery in Adult Mice
Presenter: Shameena Bake

A1b. Sex Differences in Biochemical but Not Behavioral Responses to Delay Fear Conditioning: Effects in Control and Prenatally Alcohol-Exposed Mice
Presenter: Kevin Caldwell

A1c. Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Affects the Early Postnatal Stress and Immune Hyporesponsive Periods
Presenter: Andrea Allan

A4. The Biographic Screening Interview for Adults with FASD (BSI-FASD)
Presenters: Lina Schwerg, Sandra Marla Ahlert

A5a. Creation of an FASD Community Coalition
Presenters: Yvette Kraychy, Sharon Brintnell, Cindy Olchowy

A6. FASD is a Whole Body Diagnosis, Part 1: Bowel and Allergy Problems
Presenter: Rod Densmore

Change Makers

Paul Thompson

Plenary. Will Diagnostic Systems for FASD in Children Work in Adults?

Moderator: Michael Charness

Presenters: Kenneth L. Jones, Jocelynn Cook, Jonathan Down, R. Colin Carter
Kenneth L. Jones – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE
Jonathan Down – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

3 Oral Papers

B1a. Development of Descriptive Profiles and Recognition Cues to Improve Identification of FASD in Clinical Settings: A Qualitative Investigation of Clinicians’ Perspectives
Presenters: Mansfield Mela, Tara Anderson

B1b. Improving Outcomes for Youth and Young Adults with FASD Who Have Substance Use Issues by Implementing Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (aSBI) in Clinical Settings
Presenter: Dan Dubovsky

B1c. A Clinician’s Perspective of Crisis Intervention with Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Presenters: Andrew Wilson, Irene Carter

B3. Diagnosis: Why It’s Never Too Late
Presenters: Glenda Jansen, Paul Thompson

B6. FASD is a Whole Body Diagnosis, Part 2: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Immune Compromise, Dementia and Prevention of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Presenter: Rod Densmore

B7a. Assessing Executive Function in an Adolescent PAE Population: Examining the Predictiveness of Verbal and Nonverbal Accuracy vs. Response Time for FASD Diagnostic Assessment
Presenter: Leah Enns

Main Conference: Friday April 20, 2018

Change Makers

Katrina Griffin

Plenary (2-hr Symposium): DOHAD: Metabolic Symposium – Updates in Animal and Human Research

Moderators: Joanne Weinberg, Michael Charness
Joanne Weinberg – PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

FASD in Adulthood: Insights on Metabolic Syndrome Risk from Zebrafish Models

Olivia Weeks

Does Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Increase Offspring Risk for Metabolic Syndrome? Metabolic Assessment in Moderate PAE Mouse Model

Susan Smith
PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Prenatal Exposure and Metabolic Disease in Adulthood: Evidence From Animal Models

Karen Moritz
PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Associations Between Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, Behavior, Diet and Obesity

Jeff Wozniak
PDF Presentation: CLICK HERE

Change Makers

Alexandra Taussig

Plenary: Community Based Research Starts with the Community: On Effective and Ethical Practices for “Patient-Oriented” and Collaborative Research with Families and Individuals with FASD

Presenters: Dorothy Reid, Lisa Brownstone, Michelle Stewart, Niall Schofield

3 Oral Papers

C1a. Everyday Life and FASD: A Weekend Break for Adults Affected by FASD, Peer-to-Peer Exchange Led by Professionals
Presenters:Alison Frieling, Gisela Michalowski

C1c. Quality of Life for Alaskan Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Implications for their Families
Presenters: Brenda Dow

3 Oral Papers

C2a. The CICADA Centre: NSW: A Lifespan Approach to Providing Care and Intervention to Children and Adolescents Affected by Drugs and Alcohol
Presenters: Marcel Zimmet, Bronwyn Milne

C3. FASD and Child Welfare Practice – A Focus on Life Course Theory
Presenters: Dorothy Badry, Lenora Marcellus

C6b. Clinical Observations Regarding the Gaps in Services Faced by Adults with FASD in Edmonton: A Discussion of Barriers, Existing Research and Supports, and Building Solutions for the Future
Presenter: Paige Irwin

C7a. Assessment Profiles of a Community-Based Cohort of Adults with FASD: Results of a Pilot Clinic
Presenters: Paul Jerry, Louisa Clapper

3 Oral Papers

D1a. Supporting Employment Success in Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Presenter: Aamena Kapasi

D1b. Living Accommodation for People Affected by FASD: A Study Carried out by Our Organisation
Presenters: Alison Frieling, Gisela Michalowski

D1c. “Well Where’s He Supposed to Live?”: Experiences of Adoptive Parents of Adult Children with FASD in Ontario
Presenters: Shelley Watson, Kelly Harding

D4. Towards a Regional and Community FASD/Brain Disorder “Eco-System”
Presenters: J. Douglas Salmon, Heather Pickin, Jonathan Rudin

D5a. FASD & Group Facilitation with Youth & Young Adults
Presenters: Colleen Hook, Brittany Durant

D5b. Action Hall Support Groups for Adults with FAS
Presenters: Myles Himmelreich, Bernadette O’Donnell

Main Conference: Saturday April 21, 2018

Change Makers

Justin Mitchell

Plenary. FASD and the Criminal Justice system: Making the Case for Research to Build Evidence-Based Policy Responses

Kaitlyn McLachlan
Followed by a panel: Joanna Wells, Mansfield Mela, Corey La Berge

3 Oral Papers

E1b. A New Population-Level Data Source for Research in Adults with FASD – Evidence from the National Core Indicators
Presenter: Alexandra Bonardi

E1c. The Effects of Maternal Alcohol use and Smoking on Children’s Mental Health: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
Presenter: Madeleine Benjamin

E7b. FASD Justice Support Program for Youth
Presenters: Chris Leptich, Michael Stansberry, Nicole Mizzi

Closing Plenary Panel: We Are Parents: What It Looks Like

Justin Mitchell, Angie Lutke, RJ Formanek, Erin Reimer-Mayzes, Myles Himmelreich