Please find below the PDFs of the presentations. These materials are posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We will continue adding presentations, so please check back for updates.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Plenary: Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme: Its Design, Progress, Campaign Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities
Bruce Bonyhady

B2i: Why Citizenship Matters
Simon J Duffy

B4i: Using Fiscal Intermediary Services in Michigan: Self-Directing One’s Services and Supports
Angela Martin, Patricia Carver

B4ii: The Participant Voice: The Strategy of Redesign and Improvement Initiatives in Self-Directed Programs
Amanda Cavanagh

B9ii: Transition Age Youth Achieving Independence
Gerianne Prom

Friday, October 16, 2015

C4: Self-Determination, Presumption of Capability, and Least Intrusive/Most Effective Responses: Perspectives on the Continuum of Decision Making in BC’s Adult Guardianship Legislative Framework
Leanne Dospital, Krista James, Barbara Lindsay, Faith Bodnar

Supporting Supported Decision-making in Canada
Krista James

Perspectives on the Continuum of Decision Making in BC’s Adult Guardianship Legislative Framework
Leanne Dospital

Dementia & Personal Planning
Barbara Lindsay

C5i: Individualized Funding in New Zealand: A Purist Approach
Marsha Marshall

C5ii: Shared Management: A Partnership That Builds Capacity between People, Families and Support Providers
Kate Fulton

C5iii: Life is Good in the Company of Friends – An Innovative Model
Patti Chiappetta, Laurie Miller

C6i: Transformational Change: Implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Western Australia
Ron F Chalmers

C6ii: Implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the Perth Hills Trial Site in Western Australia
Marita Walker

C6iii: Campaign for a National Disability Insurance Scheme. A Successful Change to Social Policy?
Samantha Jenkinson

C7i: Understanding Families’ Experiences of Self- Direction: Learnings from Queensland Families
Lesley Chenoweth

C7ii: Models of Family- and Person-Directed Respite in Canada: A Cross-National Comparative Analyses
Paula S Hutchinson, Catharine Shanahan

D3ii: Citizen-Centered Leadership: Everyone is Born “in”
Carol Blessing, Niki Stevenson, Joanie Parker

D4i: Effective Advocacy: Can We Talk to Each Other About Hard Topics?
David DeVidi

D4ii: World Café: An Exploration of Models of Self Direction, Outcomes and Implementation Challenges
Marsha Marshall, Richard Buchanan

D6i: Intensive Individual Wrap Around Services: “One Child at a Time”
Jenny Hoskin-Wyber

D6ii: We Are Better Together: Celebrating the Creativity, Capacity, and Diversity of Young Adults with Complex Physical DisAbilities!
Brenda MacLauchlan, Rhea Boysen

D6iii: Self-determination and Positive Psychology: A Model for Guidance of Practice
Lisa Woudzia

D9i: The Power of Flexible Supports and the Self-Determination Spectrum
Renay Eade

Saturday, October 17, 2015

E3i: Making sure that Article 12 is, truly, for all of us!
Audrey Cole

E3ii: Self-Determination: Adults with Intellectual Disability and the Support of Family
Bernadette Curryer

E3iii: Are We There Yet?
Ann M Greer

E5i: NCI-AD: Expanding the National Core Indicators for Aging and Disability Services
Julie Bershadsky, Kelsey Walter

E5iii: The System of the Future: The Origin and Creation of Self-Determination in the United States Including Its History, Setbacks and Victories
Tom Nerney, Patricia Carver, James W Conroy

E7i: Spectrum Society’s Journey of Agency Transformation In Support of Personalized Options
Ernie Baatz, Susan Stanfield

E7iii: Together is Better: Collective Family-Governed Use of IF in Policy and Practice
Catriona Johnson, Arlene Zuckernick, Tamara Kulusic

E8i: Individualized Funding in Canada: a Pan-Canadian Review of Emerging Policy and Program Implementation
Gordon Kyle, Patti Chiappetta, Judy Hannah

E8ii: Unsafe Societies, Group Pressure and Demanding Friends Reduce People with Intellectual Disabilities’ Freedom and Self-Determination
Karl Elling Ellingsen

E8iii: Is Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment a Blessing or a Curse?
Alrene J Astell, Amy Hwang