Conference Presentations

Below you will find PDFs and video recordings from the Early Years Conference 2020.

These materials are only posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We will continue adding presentations, so please check back for updates.

Pre Conference: Thursday January 30, 2020

AM2: Trusting the Tears: Exploring Grief Across the Developmental Span
Presenter: Deborah Bell

AM3: Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) LOVIT Way: Making our AHS Programs the Best they Can be for Children and Families
Presenters: Joan Gignac, Yvette Bolduc, Lily Patzer

AM4: Integrating Mindfulness to Support Well-being and Connection
Presenters: Maria Gehl, Robyn Long

PM3: Nobody’s Perfect Parenting – MultiProvincial Community Development Projects: Dads Engaging Dads
Presenters: Carmen Paterson-Payne, Ruby Banga, Connie Herman, Cathy Ryan

Main Conference: Friday January 31, 2020

Opening Remarks

Presenter: Grand Chief Doug Kelly

Plenary Session: Equity from the Start: It Takes A Village

Presenter: Jean Clinton

Concurrent Session A

A1a: Preschool Outcomes of Infants Born Less Than 26 Weeks Gestational Age: An Integrative Review of the Literature
Presenter: Lindsay Colby

A1b: Child Vulnerability in Canada
Presenter: Kelly McDonald

A1c: The Prevalence of Children Who Have a Developmental Disability in BC
Presenter: Sandra Marquis

A1d: The CIRCA Initiative: Building Service Capacity to Better Include Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Families Across BC
Presenter: Karen D. Bopp

A2a: Respite is Key; Unlocking Community Resources
Presenters: Natalie Karam, Karen Slingerland

A2b: Testing a Novel Parents Participatory Pathway
Presenters: Gareth Williams, Rachel Goldstein

A5: Tiwšamstawtšt (We will Teach Each Other)
Presenter: Courtney Harrop

A8: Building Connections: Supporting Mothers of Young Children Experiencing Violence in Relationships through Community-Based Intervention 
Presenters: Mary Motz, Margaret Leslie

A9: How to Navigate the Funding of First Nations Early Learning and Childcare Programs and Build Collaboration: Learning from Success and Failure
Presenters: Jennifer Chalmers, Reanna Erasmus

Concurrent Session B

B1a: Collaboratively Exploring the Landscape Surrounding Enhanced Services Working With Vulnerable Early Childhood Populations in Rural Northern Canada
Presenters: Erica Koopmans, Caroline Sanders

B1c: Supporting Pregnancy Outreach Program Teams: A Guidebook for Practice
Presenters: Sue Clarkson, Katie Graham

B2b: Enhancing the Cognitive and Motor Abilities of Very Young Children: A Pilot Study of the Efficacy of the PlayWisely Approach
Presenter: Craig Leth-Steensen

B2c: Reimagining Vygotsky: Examining the Relationship Between Sociocultural Theory, Technology, and Social Development
Presenter: Vanessa Jones

B3a: Moving Together: Exploring the Development and Implementation of an Indigenous Physical Literacy Resource for Early Years Children
Presenter: Louise Humbert

B4: Promoting Well-Being for Staff to Prevent Burnout
Presenters: Jodi Whiteman, Rebecca Parlakian

B5: Implementation of Prechtl’s General Movements Assessment to Diagnose Cerebral Palsy Earlier
Presenters: Alanna Wilson, Stephanie Lam, Maureen Johnson

B6: The Mental Health of Parents and Siblings of Children who have a Developmental Disability
Presenter: Sandra Marquis

B7: Electronic Childhood Redux: What Have We Learned?
Presenter: Michaela Wooldridge

B9: Improving Outcomes for Children in Care Aged 0-6 Through Early Intervention, Assessment & Training to Foster Caregivers
Presenters: Amanda Oliver, Rachel Douthwaite, Amy Ris

Plenary Session: Backing up the Bus: Focussing on the Developmental Years

Presenter: Jennifer Charlesworth

Main Conference: Saturday February 1, 2020

Concurrent Session C

C1a: Understanding and Supporting Kindergarten Student Thriving: A Comprehensive Framework
Presenter: Heather Coe-Nesbitt

C1b: What Does It Mean to Be “Ready” for School? Teachers’ Experiences in Nova Scotia
Presenter: Denise Burgess

C1d: My Curious Brain
Presenters: Connie Herman, Jackie Eaton

C3: An Aboriginal Perspective to Supporting Children and Families with Special Needs
Presenter: Rona Sterling-Collins

C5: Benefits of Enhanced Physical Literacy in Child Care
Presenters: Dawne Clark, Nadine Ducharme, Paxton Bruce, Katie Jewitt

C6: Screen Sense: What the Research Says (and Doesn’t Say) About Young Children and Screens
Presenters: Jodi Whiteman, Rebecca Parlakian

C7: Learning Together Through ‘The Land, The People’ – An Introduction to Reconciliation for Family Support Programs
Presenters: Brenda Lohrenz, Kat Norris, Sherry Sinclair

C9: Challenging Behaviour: Facing our Fears
Presenters: Barb Reid, Marilyn Armstrong

C10: Parent and Professional Relationships-Learning with Families
Presenter: Mandy Young

Concurrent Session D

D1a: SmartMom/SmartParent: Texting for Parenting Education
Presenter: Patricia Janssen

D1b: Talk to Me, Play With Me, Carry Me – an Awareness Campaign Addressing the Impact of Parental Screen Use and Overuse of Baby Equipment on Development
Presenter: Cora Boecker

D3a: Developing and Testing a Readiness Tool for Partnerships with Community-Based Projects
Presenter: Mary Motz, Margaret Leslie

D3b: From Data to Action: How Early Years Professionals in Toronto Use Raising the Village as a Data Resource for Policy, Planning and Program Development
Presenter: Tamara Augsten

D5: Assessing Inclusion Quality in Early Learning and Child Care Services
Presenter: Sharon Irwin

D6: Preparing Future Rural Early Childhood Educators/Early Interventionists: What Information Is out There?
Presenters: Mary Stewart, Mari Pighini, Silvia Vilches

D8: Building Community Partnerships to Foster the Well-Being of Young Children and Families
Presenters: Kira Koepke, Martin Guhn

D9: Language Delay Versus Disorder: How to Tell the Difference and When to Refer
Presenters: Linda Spencer

D10: Adapting Early Childhood Environments to Support Children with FASD
Presenter: Bev Drew