Conference Presentations

Please find below the pdf versions of the conference presentations. These materials are posted with the speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, this means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online. We may continue to add presentations, so please check back for updates.

Thursday October 25, 2018

PlenaryFood Environments for Children and Youth: How do we Measure up?
Presenter: Kim D. Raine

PlenaryRestricting the Marketing of Unhealthy Foods to Children in Canada: An Update from Health Canada
Presenter: Michelle Hooper

Plenary Panel – Transition Beyond the Clinic
Presenters: Susan M. Samuel, Michael Watts, Tracy Ryason Lebel, Brennon Goodman

Rapid Fire Poster Presentations

RF1 – Changes in Eating Behaviors Following a Family-Centered Lifestyle Intervention Aimed at Children with Obesity 9-12 Y Old: Results from a 1-Year RCT
Presenter: Tamara Cohen

RF3- After the Intervention: A Preliminary Exploration into Building Capacity for Participants of a Multidisciplinary Pediatric Weight Management Program Through a Community Cooking Program
Presenters: Randall Gillis, Jill McDowell

RF4 – Prebiotic Supplementation During Pregnancy/Lactation Alters Fecal/Cecal Microbiota and Reduces Antibiotic-Associated Obesity Risk in Rats
Presenter: Teja Klancic

RF5 – Promoting Healthy Lifestyles at Home: How Can We Best Support Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Their Families?
Presenter: Amy C. McPherson

RF6 – Managing Pediatric Obesity with Families Living in Remote First Nations Communities: Preliminary Analyses of Parents’ Experiences and Recommendation
Presenter: Aislin Mushquash

RF7 – Weight Bias towards Children and Youth with Obesity: Social Justice Considerations and Recommendations for Practice
Presenter: Sarah Nutter

RF8 – Physician Referrals for Pediatric Weight Management in Alberta
Presenter: Arnaldo Perez

RF9 – An In-Depth Look at How Parent-Child Interactions and Parenting Practices Shape Children’s Eating Behaviours: A Qualitative Inquiry
Presenter: Camilla Piatkowski


Friday October 26, 2018


Plenary Panel – Challenges in Pediatric Weight Management
Presenters: Catherine Bellamy Stack, Michelle Jackman, Céline Koryzma, Paola Luca, Michael Watts, Paul Vrskovy, Laura Wilson

A/B1ii – Evidence from APPLE Schools: Creating Supportive Environments to Improve Health Behaviours
Presenters: Kate Storey, Landra Walker

A/B1iii – CHANGE Adventure Camp – Fueling your Adventure
Presenters: Doug Klein, Clark Svrcek

A/B2ii – Fostering Positive Weight-Related Conversations: Evidence and Real-Life Learnings from the Heart of Care: A Knowledge Translation Casebook
Presenter: Amy C. McPherson

A/B2iii – Aim2Be: Gamified Approach to Changing Health Behaviours: Development and Evaluation of the Living Green and Healthy for Teens (LiGHT) Mobile Intervention
Presenter: Louise C. Mâsse

A/B3i – Does Policy Matter? Improving Food Environments in Recreation and Sport Facilities
Presenter: Dana Olstad

A/B3ii – Does Policy Matter? Improving Food Environments in Recreation and Sport Facilities
Part 1 & Part 2 
Presenters: Anna Farmer, Lynne Lafave

Plenary – It Takes a Village: Using iKT to Inform, Develop and Grow the Guelph Family Health Study
Presenters: Andrea Buchholz, Jess Haines


Saturday October 27, 2018


Plenary – Healthy Active Living and Child Obesity: How Environment Matters
Presenter: Jason Gilliland

Plenary – Community-based Participatory Research in Indigenous Communities: A Primer for Academic Health Researchers
Presenter: Noreen Willows

PlenaryInnovation, Technology and Childhood Healthy Active Living: Moving Forward by Looking Back
Presenter: Mark Tremblay